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Now with Apple Watch and iPad Pro support!

One of the most tedious tasks when building apps is creating launch images and icons for the various screen sizes. But here is a real time saver for you!

At the time writing, if you build your apps for iOS and Android and smartphones and tablets as well, you will have to deliver 26 icon graphics and 12 launch images. Bah. (At last when using Corona SDK, but I think the requirements of the different Game Development SDKs are the same.)

Intro Video

So, I created a template that works like an icon and launch image generator. It automatically generates all these files at once. All you need is Photoshop. And my template file which is part of my free IndieDev Tool Box.

The template file is completely free. You just need a Free Basic Membership account to download this (and many other) files.

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How Does the Template File Work?

In the head of this article you will find a demonstration video. If you don’t like videos, here comes the written text.

You need Photoshop to open this file. When you open the LaunchImagesAndIcons.psd file from my IndieDev Toolbox in Photoshop you should see a screen similar like in the screenshot.

In the Layers panel I have marked layers in blue and green colors. The green layers are so called Smart Object Layers. When you double click its icon (not the layer name), Photoshop opens a new embedded document. This is where you take your changes.

After you edited a Smart Object Layer for the icon or the launch image just hit Save (Cmd+S) and then Close the document (Cmd+W).

Photoshop updates all instances of the Smart Object Layer you just have edited.

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Refining Clipping Portions

Check the layers in the OtherLaunchScreenFormats Group. Depending on your artwork it may not fit into every launch image size. But you can reposition and scale the instance of the Smart Object Layer for every launch image.

Hint: since the aspect ratio of the various launch images differ, it is not possible to create the exact same clipping portions for every launch image.

You can use the same technique for the icons. Just double click the appropriate Smart Object Layer called ICON – DOUBLE CLICK TO EDIT <<<<<.

Check Image Assets Settings

Make sure, that under File>Generate>Image Assets the checkbox is set. Only then Photoshop exports all launch images and icons with proper file naming to a new subfolder called LaunchImagesAndIcons-assets.

Now it’s up to you to create all launch image and icon assets for your game in the quickest way possible.

Do you think this file is helpful? What other graphic software would be nice to support? I will check if it is possible and would love to expand my IndieDev Tool Box! Use the comments for your suggestions, questions and annotations!

Thank your for reading!
– René

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      Hey Luke, thank you for your comment. What more instructions do you need? If you are a first time Photoshop user, this might be a bit overwhelming for you. If you give me a concrete problem maybe I can give further instructions.

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  1. Hey guys,

    This looks like a cool tool. Does this also create icons for notifications? I think that is the biggest pain point. Every other solution address problem of icons but not of notifications yet….this leads to at least an hour of effort being wasted. Pls solve this problem guys.

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