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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basic membership additionally allows you to download free modules and files that are introduced and described in the free articles. If you want to download a file, you need the Basic membership at last which is and will always be completely free of charge.

But without the Basic or Premium membership you are still able to read the complete free articles on devilsquid.com.

The Premium membership gives you access to all articles, courses, downloads and assets that are released on devilsquid.com. The articles and tutorials of higher value are added to the Premium membership level since these are developed with more effort.
The articles, tutorials and courses in the Premium membership level do have a very high value to the reader. Furthermore the effort to create these are much higher than the free articles. This is why I decided to charge them with a small fee.
The media assest are graphics, sounds or other assets that can be freely used by you in any free or commercial application. Contributions are welcome but they are not mandatory.
You can cancel your subscription any time here. Please have in mind, that a refund is not possible.
Every download can be found in the Membership > Downloads section.