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My Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Corona SDK Developers using Sublime Editor

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Here is a small collection of keyboard shortcuts I use the most while developing with Corona SDK and Sublime Editor.

Goto Symbol


The Sublime Editor calls this Goto Symbol. While working with Corona/Lua this means you can jump to a certain function.

Cmd+R opens list of all functions for the currently opened and focused file. You can just click the function name in the list and Sublime jumps directly to the function.

If the list is very long you can use Sublime’s fuzzy search by just starting to type in the text field above the list.

Sublime Editor Function List

Sublime Editor Function List

Goto Symbol in Project


When your project grows you often have many files. After some years of developing with Corona SDK I do have a quite large library of Lua files.

With Goto Symbol in Project you get a list of all functions in your current project. Even if it is not opened and focussed you can jump to any function in the list. Sublime will open the file and jump to the function.

Goto Anything


Goto Anything is like Goto Symbol – but not on a function level but on a file level. So if you want to open a certain file, just use this command, start typing the name of the file until it appears in the list and then click on it to open that file.

Holy Squid!

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The Build command can be used to execute your own tools. For example you can create an LDoc system, to create beautifully HTML documentation for your code. I wrote some articles about it here.

So in the menu under Tools>Build System
I choose my LDoc entry and then I press Cmd+B.

After that a nice HTML documentation is created in my project folder.

Run Project


Okay, I bet you now this already 🙂 But just in case … Run Project is very important. Cmd+F10 just compiles your code and starts your app in the simulator.


I hope you find the above shortcuts useful.

Please: use the comments to give me your most important keyboard shortcuts for Coroan SDK and Sublime. What shortcuts do you use the most often and are not listed above? I’m eager to extend this list!

Have a good coding day!
– René

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