Welcome to the first course on

In this course I will show how to re-create my Word Clock app. You can find the app here in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.

We will create a word clock in the upper part of the display which displays the time in written words. I simulate the famous word clock. On the photo you can see a real world word clock I have built myself.

Word Clock (german edition)

The clock offers three different time animation styles: without, fade and slide animation.
If you choose random, the time changes with a random animation.

Also you can choose between seven different colors. If you choose random the color changes randomly on every time change.

The Startup Animation

And in the lower part of the app we will create some local weather informations and forecasts.

Furthermore we will create a settings screen, where you can get the location for the weather data, and you can customize some settings of the word clock.

This course is a From Zero to AppStore Hero course. This means we will begin with nothing and at the end of the course I will show you how to get the app to the Apple and Google app stores.

This means this course is also for absolute Corona SDK beginners.

If you are new to Corona, please read this article first where I describe how to setup a development environment with Corona SDK and the official Corona Editor plugin for Sublime Text Editor.

If you have setup a Corona SDK development environment you can start with the first part of this word clock course.

If you encounter any problems or cannot follow my instructions, please let me know: write a mail use the contact form or use the comments.

Happy Learning!
– René