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Don't get me wrong, I really love working with Corona SDK, but one problem of working with Corona SDK is the lack of a sophisticated level editor.

This leads to the situation, that a coder is often involved in tasks, that are mainly a design or layout task. There is no chance to create an optimized workflow for bigger teams/projects where tasks are separated to the according department.

If you want to add button to the layout: you need a coder.
If you want to change the position of layout elements: you need a coder.
If you want to change an image for an element: you need a coder.
If you want to animate an element: you need a coder.

I think you get the idea ...
On nearly every task a coder is involved.

Moreover the time for layout tasks are quite high, because right now we are doing this:
A designer creates a layout. And then a coder has to "translate" that layout into code which takes quite a long time. Although the layout is already finished - it is already there the coder has to build it again in LUA language.

And apart from that: doing changes on complex layouts or animations via code is not fun and quite time consuming.

Hype3 + HypeLoader

So I wanted a tool that may change that game. At last I wanted a situation where a coder can concentrate more on coding, and an artist can do changes more directly in the project.

Also I didn't want to create an editor from the ground, because I wanted to do what we all love: developing with Corona.

My approach is to use a good existing application we can use as an level editor. And then write a module that can read the file format of that application.

So over the last months I have been working on the HypeLoader project that uses Hype3 as an level editor for Corona SDK.

Hype3's main purpose is being an  HTML5 editor. But nowadays web design and app design does have many requirements in common. So in my opinion, this a good match. Now lets see what can be done with it:

The current state is more a proof of concept. But in fact the current state works that good, that I'm already working on two bigger projects with this system.

What comes next?

Good question!

Of course, I am convinced that the HypeLoader can be a game changer for app development with Corona SDK. And I really would love seeing Corona apps made with HypeLoader.

But what I want to avoid is putting further months of development and support into this project but nobody wants it.

The current system is primarily a proof of concept. Some features I want are just not developed yet or not working as expected. And the current implementation does have it's glitches of course.

My idea is to completely re-write the whole system, to make it more stable and reliable.

But since the time consumption for development and support will be high this would only be possible with a financial compensation. In other words: I have to earn money with it. But I think, this is only fair.

So I have a question to you but you need some key informations about the HypeLoader Plugin first:

  • You would have to buy the Hype3 Pro editor which currently costs 99,99 USD if you want to use all features

  • You need a Mac, since Hype3 is a Mac OS only product

  • Additionally you would have to buy the HypeLoader plugin itself. Maybe as a Corona Market Place plugin. I’m not sure about pricing but it would definitely be a higher priced plugin. I’m thinking about 99 Dollars once or maybe 50 Dollars annually (but don’t nail me down on this, it all depends on your feedback as well).

A different approach might be to use the Tiled editor which is cross platform and free. But Tiled does not support many of the features you can do with Hype, especially animations.

Maybe a smaller and lower priced TiledLoader Plugin would be a good alternative.

Also I will check possibilities of crowd funding or similiar form of financial support.

And now it is up to you: What do you think? Is this a plugin that can change the workflow of creating apps with Corona SDK in a positive way? Is this a project you would give support or even buy?

Let me know. Your answers will have impact on the decision whether to develop this for you! Or just keep it for my personal use.

You can use the form below, you can use the post in the Corona community forum. Send me an email. Comment on the YouTube video or on Facebook. Whatever you like.

Hope to hear from you!


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Comments 14

  1. This is a beautiful concept. It will increase the productivity as well as allow developers and designers to work at an accelerated rate.

  2. In a word ==> Sexy!

    Please post about this in the forums too. I will comment more there when you do.

    Meanwhile, fine effort, fine effort. Lots of folks will be excited to see this.

  3. One more note, sorry for the double post, but it is more appropriate here.

    I agree you should charge for this. However I think you’re aiming too low.

    Do not be afraid to charge real money for the editor and the plugin.

    You do not want to deal with ‘everything free all the time’ users. They’ll sap your time. You need to make this profitable to be able to continue developing and supporting it.

    Example #1 – Lifetime License:
    Editor: $499
    Plugin: $199

    Example #1 – Annual License:
    Editor: $149
    Plugin: $49

    Note: I wish Corona Marketplace supported a ‘per-product’ license style.

  4. I’ve been using Hype for some time and I love it, and combined with your loader is a no-brainer. TAKE MY MONEY!!

  5. Yes! Like RoamingGamer suggested, I would pay real money for this. It would indeed be a game changer and save a ton of time. I used to be a Flash developer and one the reasons I chose Corona was for its abilty to fuse my programmer and artist sides like Flash did, back in the day. I’be been missing some of the features that Flash excelled at like the quick and seamless integration of new artwork into a project. This is just what I’ve been missing!

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