How to install Corona SDK and Sublime Editor

Installing Corona SDK and Sublime Editor

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In this article I will show you step by step how to install a Corona SDK development environment with Sublime Editor and the official Corona Editor plugin for Sublime. Sublime is an all purpose text editor with a focus on developers. It has many convenient features which makes this editor one of the most beloved editor around. Nevertheless, if you …

included bitmap fonts

UberScore – A Score Counter Module for Corona SDK

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Maybe you know the situation: your game project is nearly finished and now you just want to add a score counter with some nice animation. And maybe particle effects to give feedback to the player. And maybe when a level is finished a small stats screen with animated counters would be fine. The list of features for a nice score …


Launch Image and Icon Generator Tutorial

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I recently updated the Launch Image and Icon Generator file for Photoshop to support iPad Pro files as well. With this Photoshop file you can generate icon and launch image assets for iOS and Android devices at once. This generator is mainly focused to create the assets for Corona SDK. But as far as I can tell you can use …