Corona Level Editor

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Don’t get me wrong, I really love working with Corona SDK, but one problem of working with Corona SDK is the lack of a sophisticated level editor. So I built a quite good solution for me!

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Lua Tables

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Lua tables are the most powerful structure in the Lua language. In fact almost everything in Lua is a table. Other languages have structures for Arrays, for Classes, etc. In Lua we have tables. And we can adopt most characteristics of the afore mentioned structures with tables. So let’s have a look on some common scenarios with Lua tables. Lua …

The Indie Dev Toolbox

The Indie Dev Toolbox

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I created a nifty helper toolbox especially for the independent game developer. This toolbox is a collection of files I use during app development to speed things up. The Indie Dev Toolbox contains the following helper: Visit your Basic or Premium member download section to get all these files for free. Sharing is caring!