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Our goal is to be a first class supplier of tutorials and resources for mobile game and app development with Corona SDK.René | DEVILSQUID

What you will learn

Plan your game

I really know how hard it is to create a gaming app and finally finish it! I think most problems of not finishing a project lies in the very beginning: the project is wrong and no written concept.
On I show you some tips how to chose the right project and how write a concept that helps your development process.

Create Media Assets

Creating images and sounds can be a very time consuming tasks. I will show you ways to create imagery yourself. If you don’t want to create images yourself I show you free and commercial stock resources. Also I show you ways to create you own music for your games quick and easy.


Of course you will learn how to code your app with Corona SDK. You will find Tutorials to create certain effects or learn special techniques. Furthermore I am preparing huge tutorials for whole game projects.


Finally I want you to finish your project and publish it in the App Stores. I will show you the process of preparing your app for the stores and finally put it online to the world.

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