A Corona Level Editor

Don’t get me wrong, I really love working with Corona SDK, but one problem of working with Corona SDK is the lack of a sophisticated level editor.

So over the last months I created a quite good solution to this problem.

In this article I explain why and how I created the HypeLoader project. Read More

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Our Latest Corona SDK Module

Distribute Objects

Bring order to the chaos – with our latest Corona SDK module.

Distribute you objects to 9 different patterns like an arrow or a cirlce. You know the effect from RTS games like Homeworld, Total War etc.

You can see the module in action in the video (to the left). And I have prepared an introduction tutorial here.

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Create animated score counters Quick & Easy


Want to display a nice score counter in your app?
Then this module is right for you.

Create an animated score counter with only a few lines of code. Create actions that will get triggered on a certain score value. Fire particle effects. Use bitmap fonts (9 included or use your own) and  … More …

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The Game and Application SDK of our choice!

Corona SDK is a cross-platform framework that allows developers to create 2D games and apps up to 10x faster than other platforms using easy-to-learn Lua. Their elegant APIs make adding complex features easy and their workflow lets you see changes instantly. And you can publish to all major platforms from a single code base.

We deliver Corona SDK learning resources

DevilSquid is a supplier of quality articles, tutorials, learning resources and modules for Corona SDK. We offer many free content to use in your own private or commercial projects.
Our goal is to provide resources to finish your game. We want your app in the app stores!

Tools and Games

Learn how to write game concept
to finally finish your game!

Go for it
Generate all your launch images and app icons
just with a few clicks.

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